Ride the Back Country

ATV trails in The Forks area open May 27 for the 2023 season!

Features of this extensive trail system:
  1. Experience all types of terrain!
  2. Access areas not otherwise accessible!
  3. Travel well-marked trails and be able to identify restricted areas!
  4. Ride from Solon to the Canadian border!
  5. Ride many of the same trails that snowmobiles travel!
  6. Ride the trails developed by local ATV club members!

The clubs are constantly working with landowners large and small to develop more trails.  See nature at its best, and don’t forget to say thanks to the local clubs and the landowners that make all this possible.

For information on registering an ATV in Maine, trail maps, and listings of local clubs check out or a local chamber of commerce. For an Upper Kennebec Valley ATV Map email The Forks Area Chamber of Commerce at .