Bingham & Moscow

Bingham is home to the halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator and recently celebrated its 200th birthday Bicentennial. Anglers delight in fishing a stretch of the Kennebec River here for the coveted and challenging salmon and trout.

The Bingham area boasts of Houston Brooks Falls, with a swell swimming hole and brook that empties into Wyman Lake, home to Wyman Lake Dam. The Bingham Free Meeting House and Rail Trail are worth a stop on any travelers way through this history filled and welcoming village along the Old Canada Road.

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The Town of Moscow’s western boundaries are beautiful Wyman Lake and the famed Kennebec River. The scenic Old Canada Road and Arnold’s Trail winds through and northward through Moscow on its way to Quebec. Baker Mountain in Moscow had the first tow-operated ski slope in Maine and is unique in its easy accessibility, being located directly along the byway. With its 2000 foot slope and three trails, it offers excellent training for young skiers. Ice Fishing is a popular winter sport on Wyman Lake, while an excellent public Boat landing makes available to all, the summer opportunities of fishing, swimming and boating. The “Salmon Pool” at the base of Wyman Dam has produced many outstanding trophy fish.

At one time was also the home to the transmitting facilities for the Over The Horizon Backscatter Radar System, U.S. Air Force, affording protection for the Eastern United States.