Robbins Hill Scenic Area marks the southernmost end of the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway and offers fantastic views westward across the upper Kennebec River Valley and the High Peaks Region. Biking or walking trails wind through open meadow on the broad crest of the hill and dip down into the forested section of the property. At the top of the hill, two picnic shelters provide a lunch site with a view and several picnic tables and benches scattered through the upper field give visitors room to find their own space.

The Kennebec Valley Trail is an 8-mile long multi-use trail from Embden to Bingham. The trail follows the Kennebec River, and includes the historic Arnold Trail.

The Forks Area Scenic Trail, along the Kennebec River, is ideal for running, biking. The trail begins one mile beyond the Appalachian Trail Crossing on Route 201 and ends 6 miles north in The Forks where the rivers meet. The Forks Area Scenic Trail (F.A.S.T.) is just the beginning of a network of trails connecting the whole Kennebec River Valley.


The Racncourt Pond Loop Trail in Jackman is an 11 mile hard-packed dirt road with rough eroded sections and stream crossings. There are several technical sections to challenge mountain bikers of all flavors. Trail conditions vary depending on season and weather. Start out early in the morning, peddling quietly for optimum wildlife viewing. To begin, head north on Route 201 (moose are a frequent sight along Route 201, officially designated a Maine Scenic Highway, when they travel to feed early in the morning and evening) out of Sky Lodge and follow Route for 2 miles until turning left on the first jeep road (Holeb Road) with powerlines past the Borders Riders Snowmobile Club. Head down the road and turn left onto small jeep trail (if you come to a bridge, you have gone too far). This trail follows a double-track to Sandy Stream. Be prepared to get wet. There is no way to avoid it when you cross Sandy Stream.