Upper Kennebec Valley has everything you could hope for in a fishery. With more still water than an angler could hope for, targeting both the world-class smallmouth bass fishery and the incredible trout and salmon waters will keep you busy all season long. As a result of managed water flows from various headwaters, The Forks area is renowned for the spectacular salmon fishing after the annual ice-out. By accessing the hotline number posted frequently at various locations along the river, anglers can enjoy some prediction of the water flows to ensure their safety. Area guides know where fish retire to when the levels come up from a release.

Guides offer half and full day trips, either floating with a drift boat, wading various seams and currents that will hold fish or trolling smelt imitations that originated in the area. Casting toward shore from the guide’s boat or casting toward an ice-flow is a great way to pick up cruising fish.  Some outfitters offer ice-fishing trips, while utilizing a bob-house to maintain warmth, serve breakfast and lunch, as well as provide a place to get out of the wind. Fishing for salmon, togue (lake trout) and splake make up the better part of your day.

Once the water temperatures begin to climb and stabilize, the smallmouth bass move to their spawning areas. The smallmouth fishery in this area of Maine is nothing short of amazing, with fish over several pounds being common. Smallmouth’s are known for their aerial antics, eagerness and willingness to strike a surface lure or fly.


The Upper Kennebec Valley is proud to offer waters such as, The Dead and Kennebec Rivers, Wyman Lake, Indian Pond, Parlin Pond, Big Woods, Attean and Moxie Lake, as well as a whole host of streams and brooks in a truly pristine setting. Ice-out takes place between April and May.

For fishing laws, season dates, and licensing information please visit Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife –